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Vacheron Pocket Watch

Karl has had this beautiful pocket watch hiding away waiting for the right buyer for a number of years. Recently, that buyer came in.


The 18ct rose gold hunter case from the 1900’s was in immaculate condition, as was the enamel dial which had no chips or cracks (very hard to find).  The elaborate gold hands are in a style called Louis XVI. It wasn’t only the outside of this watch that was in good condition: the movement had also been well looked after, it had not had a lot of use, and neither had it suffered from previous poor repairs.  This is a superb piece of watchmaking. You can see in the picture the wolf’s teeth on the crown and ratchet wheel; not so obvious are the moustache pallets hiding in under the balance.


Karl serviced the watch and the lucky buyer went away very happy with his purchase.


If you are looking for such a piece yourself, come in and see us – we might have just what you are looking for!


[20 September 2018]