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This is us in the workshop, from left to right and back to front: Tony Chai (watchmaker); Karl Braunsteiner (owner); Donna Roycroft (watchmaker); and Isis Dunderdale (admin).




Karl is the owner of the business.  He completed a 4 year, full-time, Diploma of Watchmaking course at the Karlstein School of Watchmaking in Austria.  He then spent a further year of full-time study to obtain his Master Watchmaker Certificate. He worked at both Citizen and Omega in Austria before emigrating to Australia in 1978.  After a few years working at various watch repair centres he decided to set up his own business, and in  1983 Master Watchmaking opened for business. He decided early on to specialise in vintage watches and complicated pocket watches.   He has been a past President of the Watch & Clock Association of Australia, and has certificates in valuation, gemology and diamond grading.

He finds it very satisfying to be able to bring something mechanical back to life, and says working on old watches is almost like meditation.  He currently wears a NOMOS Tangente 35mm.  His favourite watch is a Nicol Nielsen Minute Repeater.


Donna did her watchmaking apprenticeship in New Zealand, where she was the only female watch maker in the whole country.  After a couple of years of working  in NZ, she did a 5 months WOSTEP Diploma in Watchmaking course in Geneva (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program).  In 2009 she came to Australia to develop her skills in vintage and restoration work, and joined Master Watchmaking.  She has completed several training courses and is certified to work on Audemars Piguet watches.  What she loves about watchmaking is that there is always something new to learn, always something you haven't see before.  She finds the skill and workmanship in watches 100 years old or more truly amazing.

She wears a NOMOS Orion 33 Weiss.  She would like to own a vintage automatic IWC.



Tony is the newest member of staff.  He did a TAFE watchmaking apprenticeship in Australia and then worked in various repair centres gaining experience on a variety of different watches. He joined Master Watchmaking in 2016.  He currently wears a vintage Rolex GMT Master.  He would love to own a fully hand-made Roger Smith watch.


Isis looks after the administrative side of things at Master Watchmaking - she joined the team in 2015. She knew nothing about watches or watch making at the time, and didn't even wear a watch, but has since picked up some of the lingo, can demagnetise a watch, and now even wears a watch herself (a quartz Squaretreet Plano).